Day 34 (Internship)

This day was the last day of our internship. Ms. Roch handed us our completion documents, and before she leaves for a conference abroad, she made sure that it will be an unforgettable experience for all of us. EILER is one another special door that landed me memorable times, and sure that it will stay with me for a lifetime.

Day 33 ( Internship)

Another film was shown to us, and I must say that films from EILER were one of a kind. It is something that you cannot just erase from your consciousness. It lurks deep inside. It lets you think, reflect and gauge you into doing action. These films are what this generation needs in order to understand the real plight of our fellow Filipinos.

Day 28 (Internship)

I continued my feature writing. I admit that it is enjoyable and I do not find it too much exhausting, because it is always writing that makes it possible for me express my thoughts freely. It is my passion to tell stories. And this taks proves that I am able to write a piece that will effect the lives of readers, particularly the workers.

Day 26 (Internship)

Ms. Rochelle, Carla, Yang and I went to UP Diliman for a Worker’s Conference there. Being in UP makes it a nostalgic experience and I always adore the ambience that it brings everytime I set foot upon it. We learned a lot, and we also got stuffed with good food. The food delights never end at Hotel Jen Manila! Haha